Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Info posted today from Steering Committee

Dear Families of Imagine (FIA),

Please accept our apologies for not getting this information out to you sooner
and thank you for your patience. We recognize that many of you are looking to
help during this tough time. We've been working furiously at every spare moment
to organize ourselves and find the best way to represent FIA who have been
affected by Imagine Adoption's (IA) bankruptcy.

Let's start by introducing ourselves - the new FIA Steering Committee led by
Chair and Co-Chair, Christine Starr and Rob Eagleson. Please note that five
sub-committees have been formed as well:

FIA Steering Committee

Christine Starr, Chair
Rob Eagleson, Co-Chair

Trustee Liaison Committee
Lianne Armstrong, Chair
James Boyle, Co-Chair

Government Liaison Committee
Ellen Kalis, Chair
Co-Chair, TBD

External Communications Committee
Ingrid Phaneuf, Chair
Dave Cotter, Co-Chair

Internal Communications Committee
Priscilla Travassos, Chair
Kevin Douglas, Co-Chair

Adoption Program Committee for Africa & Latin America
Chair TBD
Chris A, Co-Chair

About the FIA Steering Committee

The purpose of the FIA Steering Committee is to act as your liaison with BDO
Dunwoody, the government, the public/media and the FIA community. With this
structure, each chair will act as THE point of contact for each area of their
expertise, so that we can efficiently and collectively work towards a solid
strategy to see ALL of our adoption files through to completion.

This steering committee is currently establishing a list of credible and
talented resources, and continues to grow. Once we finalize our committee
members, we will communicate that with you. Email addresses are also currently
being set up for each committee so that you have somewhere to address your

What can you do to help?

We desperately need you! Offers of support should be directed to FIA Steering
Committee Chair, Christine Starr, who will assign you to the appropriate
committee. We are looking to fill seats in each committee - members, chairs and
co-chairs. Please tell Christine what you have to offer. Your help is much

Don't know where to point your questions or concerns?

If you have any questions regarding BDO Dunwoody, the government, the media etc,
please send an email to the appropriate committee (these emails are currently in
the works and will be shared with you soon).

The plan for future internal communications

A website is currently in the works for FIA members. News, updates, links,
FAQs, further contact information and more will be housed here. We are also
planning to provide FIA members with a weekly newsletter to recap each week's
events. In the interim, keep your eyes on the Yahoo group and Facebook for

Recent News/Next Steps

First steering committee meeting to appoint primes and establish sub-committees
Monday, July 13

Next steering committee meeting to further discuss our action plan
Wednesday, July 15

FIA Steering Committee Meeting with Ministry of Children and Youth Services!
Friday, July 24, 2009

FIA Steering Committee with Minister Deb Matthews!
Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We're making serious headway! Thank you to all of you for your ongoing support.
We will keep you updated more frequently now that we've formed our committees
and have a good framework to move forward with. This post will also be
available in the files section for your reference.


Cilla Travassos
Chair, Internal Communications Committee

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