Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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IMMIGRATION UPDATE - Parents With Children Awaiting Travel
A Message from FIA Steering Committee Co-Chair, Rob Eagleson

I had the opportunity to recap with Glen Pearson late yesterday in regards to a conference call with Minister Kinney's Office. They’ve enlightened the Ministry with the exact issues that we’re dealing with and they appear to have a higher priority on the following item:

For families that are in the final stages of the adoption process and more specifically, have the following steps completed:

• Matched Referral Approved By Ontario Courts
• Matched Referral Approved By Ethiopian Courts
• Awaiting Travel Documents From the High Commission / Immigration

If your family meets ALL THREE of the above criteria, you should be in direct contact with your local MP and instruct them to do the following:

• Call the Ministers Office for an update on where your file is at (they’ve confirmed that they will do that for the MP) so they have a little more information than they may currently have.If you do not know how to be in contact with that office, you can contact the following individuals:

• MP Ed Holder of London West at 519-473-5955 or at Holder dot E @ parl dot gc dot ca
• MP Glen Pearson of London North at 519-663-9777 or at Pearsg1 @ parl dot gc dot ca

MP Glen Pearson of London North and MP Ed Holder of London West did state that this is not good enough as we not only need to know where they are at with the process. More importantly however, we need confirmation from their office that they will expedite the issuance of the proper documents. They are unsure where this will land but they were happy with the first conversations with the office.


Cilla Travassos
Chair, FIA Internal Communications Committee
On behalf of Rob Eagleson, Co-Chair of FIA Steering Committee

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