Thursday, July 30, 2009

IMPORTANT UPDATE - Creditors Meeting

The FIA Steering Committee, primarily the FIA Trustee Liaison
sub-committee, has been working closely with Susan Taves of BDO
Dunwoody over the last 48 hours in preparation for tomorrow's meeting.
Since Susan's recommendations on how to approach and prepare for this
meeting has only presented themselves over the past day, we weren't
able to get this information to you sooner and we still don't have all
the details. We're hoping that tomorrow, Sue will take some time to
explain the format and agenda of the meeting.
We have however, been given some direction on how to be as productive
as possible in the limited time that we have, which is three hours
1. We were asked what we thought would be the initial areas of
interest that many of the Families of Imagine Adoption would like to
see addressed. Please note that they're not limited to these, nor are
we expecting a response to all of these, but we needed to offer our
initial thoughts immediately, to help prepare and best utilize our
time and efforts tomorrow:
• Details on the location and security of our files
• Description of the interaction between the Provincial
government, Federal government and BDO Dunwoody
• Details on the status of all files, if known (e.g. the number
of files at each stage of the process)
• Details, if known, as to the funds required to complete all
active files
• Transition of funds between St. Anne’s, Kids Link and Global
• Details of the three leases
• Details of the status of the trust funds
• Information pertaining to the use of trust funds by Kids Link

• Details of assets and creditors in Ethiopia
• Details of any outstanding litigation involving Kids Link
• Any insight into the financial viability of St. Anne’s and
Global Reach
• Steps taken by the Board of Directors between their initial
concerns and the assignment in bankruptcy
• Details of submitted proposals
• The procedure for the assessment of proposals

2. From our understanding, Susan Taves will ask creditors for
suggested nominations of five inspectors. Currently, we understand
that the role of the investigator is to assist the Trustee in
supervising certain aspects of the Trustees' administration of the
bankruptcy on behalf of the creditors. We don't have full clarity of
this role and hope to get further insight on this role and the
processes tomorrow.

1. Lianne Armstrong - Lawyer with experience in insolvency matters
2. Rob Eagleson - Manager at a Financial Institution; specializing in
commercial finance
3. James Boyle - Holds an MBA and a Master Certificate in Project
4. Bernadette Quemerais - Military Officer at the Comptroller for Land
Force Central Area
5. Donna Cotter - Chartered Financial Analyst

We feel that these five have the background and skills to represent
us. Please note that we chose local representation because Trustee
meetings may need to be held in person, so the investigators either
needs to be in close proximity or willing to travel.

Thanks for your patience and for understanding this late
communication. We'll see many of you tomorrow!

FIA Steering Committee


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