Monday, July 27, 2009

The Importance of completing Proof of Claim Form – Message from FIA

Over the past many days, the FIA has noticed postings in regards to the pros and cons of filing a Proof of Claim and what it means to the future viability of Imagine Adoption.

We as a committee understand the thoughts but do strongly suggest that each and every family complete the forms and complete them in 100% honesty.

For all parties (Trustee’s, Ministry, etc.) involved to complete their duties, they need factual and accurate information so they can analyze the current position of Imagine Adoption.

This of course is what we are referring to as the starting point, as we’re all committed to a viable Action Plan to bring Imagine Adoption out of bankruptcy.

Also, we feel it is important to point out that only families that have submitted a Proof of Claim have rights when it comes to the voting on any proposals that are presented by BDO.

If you would like your voice heard, it is important that the forms are submitted.


FIA Steering Committee and FIA Trustee Liaison Committee

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