Friday, August 28, 2009

An update from BDO's website regarding restructuring proposal

Update Regarding Restructuring Proposal

The restructuring proposal documents have been drafted during the past two weeks. They were reviewed with the Inspectors during separate meetings. The last meeting was on Friday August 24th in the afternoon. The revised cash flow projections are being worked on for completion early next week considering final comments from the Inspectors.

The plan is coming together well as we try to address all scenarios for the creditors and families. The proposal documents should be signed and finalized and delivered by the end of next week. We realize that this is one week longer than anticipated at the July 30th creditor meeting. There have been several variations to consider to ensure that all issues are identified and addressed. We hope this extra time will ensure that the information is clear for your review, understanding and acceptance. We appreciate your patience.

A Message from Christine Starr, Chair, FIA Committee

Hello Families of Imagine Adoption,

As we wait in anticipation of the release of the proposed
restructuring plan, we'd like to provide you with an update on what
the FIA Steering Committee has been working on recently and to clarify
our role moving forward.

The FIA Steering Committee met on Monday evening. The main agenda item
discussed was 'Communications', and specifically on the best way we
can use our resources to communicate with families and answer any
questions or concerns you may have following the presentation of the
restructuring plan.

The meeting however began with a brief update on our attempts to seek
clarification from the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services
on whether they will extend the homestudy expiry dates for families
whose homestudies have expired between the time Imagine Adoption
declared bankruptcy,
and the resumption of operations, should the restructuring proposal be

Our Government Liaison Chair, Ellen Kalis, reported that the Ministry
has advised that there are precedents in which extensions have been
granted on a case by case basis. Following a discussion on this, the
committee decided that in addition to requesting the provision of
extensions to families whose
homestudies have recently expired, that the FIA would also like a
commitment from the Ministry to extend the normal 24-month validity
timeframe to all FIA homestudies for a period that's equal to the
duration of the interruption of operations resulting from the
bankruptcy. Ellen has agreed to follow up on this
request with the Ministry and determine the process to seek the same
commitment from all provinces.

In our discussion about communications surrounding the anticipated
presentation of the restructuring proposal, it became clear that there
was some misunderstanding about the degree of input families would
have on the specifics of the restructuring plan, as well as
misunderstanding about the FIA Steering
Committee's role in the reviewing of the plan.

The first important point that was stressed during our discussion is
that the process by which the plan is to be reviewed, is dictated by
insolvency legislation and therefore controlled and overseen by BDO.
The FIA Steering Committee as a group has no say or input into this

The restructuring plan has been presented to the five inspectors that
were appointed during the creditors meeting on July 30. They will
review the plan. If they feel it needs to be revised in any way, the
plan will be sent back to the restructuring group (once again, the
restructuring group is not part of the FIA and has all along requested
to maintain their anonymity so that they can focus all of their
attention of the creation of the plan). Once the revisions are made,
the inspectors will reconvene for further review and only once the
inspectors have approved the proposal, will the plan then be presented
to the families.

We've asked our Trustee Liaison Chair, Lianne Armstrong, to request
that BDO issue a communication regarding how the restructuring plan
will be presented to families and provide an estimate of when it will
be presented. Following requests during the Steering Committee
meeting, Lianne will request that BDO
hold some sort of communication forum which will allow all families
from across the country to ask questions they have about the plan
before they vote on it. Hopefully a communication from BDO addressing
these requests will be forthcoming as we, the Steering Committee, have
no information about this matter and are therefore unable to answer
your questions or concerns.

BDO has indicated to FIA that, understanding the complexities of
restructuring proposals, the 2-4 weeks provided was very ambitious,
but initially set in recognition of, and out of respect for how urgent
and difficult a matter this is to all of us. As we near the end of the
timeframe for completing the restructuring plan that BDO initially
gave at the creditors meeting, we should prepare ourselves for the
eventuality that we may have to wait a few days longer than was
suggested. If BDO does exceed these timelines, I urge you not to draw
any negative conclusions from this, but rather, as I am convinced,
assume that
due diligence is being exercised that ultimately will be in the best
interests of all of us.

Acknowledging that we have entered a stage in this journey where the
process is now being dictated by BDO and that communications therefore
have to be initiated by them, the FIA Steering Committee has made it
clear that we are willing to assist BDO with communications moving
forward. The information that we can provide you will be contingent
upon the information that is provided to us. Please be assured that
as soon as we have information to share with you, will we will make
every effort to communicate it as quickly and as broadly as possible.

With warm regards,


Thank You Rob Eagleson!

From the seven families of Prince Edward Island we want to give our sincerest thank you to Rob Eagleson, Co-chair of the FIA Steering Committee, for taking the time to meet with the Imagine families of PEI and an equally big thank you to his family for allowing him to take an entire evening from his vacation to meet with our families.

With great assurance and clarity, Rob was able to answer many of our questions as Rob not only quelled many of our fears but also gave us hope! For the first time we were given clear indication of the status of the transition homes and a true understanding of the immensely qualified representation that stands in the steering committee. He made it very clear that the number one objective of everyone involved was to breathe new life into Imagine Adoption and make the organization stronger than ever before.

Rob graciously extended a warm invitation to a reunion in Ontario once all our families have been united and we certainly look forward to that day. We hope that one day soon, that all families that have been touched by this crisis can look back and view it as wonderful event that united our families across Canada.


Kelly Keenan


I just would like to add my thanks too - to all of the people who have come together who are working so hard to see that our adoptions can be processed. To everyone who has emailed us and offered their assistance in our cause - perfect strangers who read about our stories in the media, and whose hearts were pulled to extend their support whether it be in words or action. To the Steering Committee for working day and night on the front lines to be our voice. The the government and the trustee for giving us a chance to come up with a solution. To Yamana Gold for funding the transition home and seeing that our children are cared for. To everyone who has reached out and stood up.

I am just so thankful and so full of hope that this week we will see a plan that will offer us a solution to bring these children home. My heart is aching for these kids. They are waiting for their families.

My dream is that one day we will all look back and be able to tell them how we fought for them. How we overcame the heartache, devastation, and loss upon the announcement of the bankruptcy. We rose above the controversy and pain. We briefly got knocked down, but quickly stood up, dusted ourselves off, assembled and kept working toward a solution. We are doing it for the sake of our families. For the sake of our children who we do not know. So they will know the comfort of a mommy who can make it all better and a daddy who can shield them from pain. We are already parents to our children; we were the moment we signed our documents. We have been living and dreaming them into our lives. We have empty rooms and empty clothes, brand new toys and books and beds. We know the need. We know they need us. We know what life has in store for them if we fail. Which is why we continue to stretch our aching hearts across the world in our intrinsic need to protect them.

I am proud to be supporting this group. Moved. Thank you everyone who is working on our behalf.

Tammy Campbell and Scott Campbell
Hoping to adopt siblings under 5 years old

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thank You - Anne Scully and Faith Watson

I would like to extend a big thank you to Anne Scully (Senior Manager, Adoption and Permanency Services in Alberta) and Faith Watson (Provincial Adoption Specialist, International Adoption Program, Adoption & Permanency Services in Alberta) for the great support they've shown through this process.

Shortly after word of the bankruptcy got out, they got in touch with prospective adoptive parents via email, updating us on whatever information they had. Although I'm sure they were swamped with questions and meetings at the time, I was impressed to get a reply within a day of sending them an email with my questions.

When the International Adoption Families Association (IAFA) hosted meetings in Calgary and Edmonton, Anne made the trip to Calgary on a Saturday morning, and both Anne and Faith attended the meeting in Edmonton during the August long weekend! They were both very compassionate - you could tell that they weren't just dealing with files in limbo, but with people whose hearts and dreams were on the line. They answered many questions and helped clarify the process for us. They indicated that they had been in touch with Ministers in Ontario and were offering their full co-operation.

Thank you, Ms. Scully and Ms. Watson for the support you've demonstrated and for advocating on our behalf. You have shown compassion, sacrifice and skill and we appreciate your ongoing efforts.

Anita Schimke
hoping to adopt siblings under 5 years old

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Saint Anne Adoption

Notice to all Saint Anne adoption clients - BDO has updated their website with details of the Saint Anne bankruptcy.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Minutes of second meeting of inspectors

Friday, August 21, 2009

Restructuring Plan Proposal - Update

Hello Families of Imagine Adoption,

I am happy to inform you that the restructuring plan will be ready to present to you in a week or so. Following that, BDO Dunwoody will be informing us of the specifics on voting procedures. We are absolutely thrilled with this news as it represents a major step towards bringing the agency out of bankruptcy, resuming operations and beginning the process of bringing our children home.

Before you are presented with the restructuring plan and asked to vote on it, the plan will be submitted for review to both the Board of Directors, as appointed in the proposed restructuring plan, and the inspectors that have been appointed by the creditors. Three members of the FIA Steering Committee were invited by the restructuring group to be on the Board of Directors. As an appointed member of the Board of Directors I will be reviewing the restructuring plan in the coming days. In addition to strong representation by adopting and adoptive families, the board is also made up of individuals with strong business administration and financial backgrounds. The Board of Directors will also have access to an Advisory Board consisting of individuals with strong operational and legal expertise in the area of international adoption.

The review process itself will only take a few days and then BDO will proceed with the process of sharing the plan with you and organizing the voting procedures. Hopefully at that time the trustee will also be able to provide some indication of how long it will take to gain Ministry approval and submit the plan to the courts should creditors approve the restructuring plans.

Once the proposal is presented to you, members of the FIA committees have committed, in collaboration with the trustee, to be available to answer all the questions and concerns you might have about the plan and the voting process.

I have great confidence in the group of people that have created the proposed restructuring plan. I believe that once you see the plan you too will share this confidence and that we can move forward as a united group of families to accept the plan and begin the important next steps.

I wish you all a great weekend as we prepare for an exciting and hope filled week ahead.

With warm regards,

Christine Starr

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


After the last message sent out by the FIA Steering Committee, additional questions and comments were posted. As a result, we have taken those comments and concerns to BDO for clarification and have the answers to many of them.

Practitioner Completed Reports (First Three)
BDO has reviewed the requirements and have stated that as per the original guidelines set out by Imagine Adoption, these reports must be completed by the families’ practitioner. This is the requirement that is set by the foreign country so it is outside of the control of the adoption agency.

Family Completed Reports (Reminder until age 18 for the child)
Families’ reports have varied in content as each family has their own style of reporting the required information, but in general, they have all been acceptable. The recommendation from BDO is that if a family is looking for a format to use, simply follow the structure of the reports that have been previously submitted by your practitioner.

Timelines for Reporting
BDO has responded to our questions by providing the direct information that was referenced in the material received by the families from Imagine Adoption when they were doing their adoption.

We, the adoptive applicants jointly and individually fully understand, and acknowledge that we are responsible to provide the Ministry of Women's Affairs with follow up reports as follows:
• 2 months from date of return home
• 12 months following court decision
• 15 months following court decision
• Annually on date of court decision until the child turns 18 years old

We hope that this brings clarity to this issue and we thank everyone for their comments.


Rob Eagleson
Co-Chair, FIA Steering Committee

IMMEDIATE RELEASE JO ANN BARBER – VACATION - Message from FIA Jo Ann Barber will be on vacation from August 20, 2009 and will not be returning t



Jo Ann Barber will be on vacation from August 20, 2009 and will not be returning to work until the morning of September 2, 2009.

Jo Ann has spoken to all families via email or phone that have anticipated activities on their file while she will be away and feels confident that she is leaving her desk in great shape.

She has asked the families to avoid sending emails and / or leaving voice messages during her time away. As stated by her, she will find the task daunting to go through all of them at one time so please start communicating again up on her return.

Jo Ann has confirmed that any information that needs to be passed on during her absence will be communicated by the staff at BDO so please insure that you are checking for updates on the websites for this information.


Rob Eagleson
Co-Chair Steering Committee

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Contacting the Steering Committee

If you have any questions, whether general or specific to BDO, the Ministry, the
media or communications, you can now contact the chairs of the FIA Steering
Committee directly.

Visit the "Contact" page of the Families of Hope website for the appropriate
contact information you're looking for.


Chair, FIA Internal Communications Committee

BDO Dunwoody summary of activities

Friday August 14th was two weeks since the creditor meeting. There has been ongoing progress on a number of priorities and milestones. This is a summary of the activities since July 30th.

Saint Anne Corporation
This agency has been on hold since the bankruptcy of Imagine Adoption. However, there have been many discussions with families, the authorities and other stakeholders related to Saint Anne. This agency has limited funds and does not have management or a Board in place to continue any operations.

A Director’s meeting was held on August 13th to consider ongoing activity of this agency related to Ecuador adoptions. A voluntary bankruptcy was signed by the one Director, Andrew Morrow, and documents filed with the Office of the Superintendent in Bankruptcy. Notices will be mailed to those creditors and posted on this web site shortly. BDO is the Trustee of that estate.

The Ontario ministry is aware of the bankruptcy. We understand that they are reviewing adoptions from Ecuador and future steps if any. We are waiting for final direction regarding the files. BDO does not anticipate a restructuring of Saint Anne similar to Imagine Adoption because of the limited funds and the files to be managed (approximately 30). However, this will be reviewed and monitored during the coming weeks.

File Transfer Requests
There continues to be the objective of maintaining privacy and security of the family files along with their ability to obtain and/or relocated their file. Since the July 30th meeting, we have received approximately 25 requests for files. We are proceeding to release these files. Please see comments below regarding a restructuring plan should families wish to leave the file with Imagine Adoption pending further reports.

File Status Requests
BDO recognizes the emotional stress given the uncertainty of a family’s adoption status. We have received calls requesting updates if referrals have occurred, where a file is on the list for a referral, if all documents are in the file. We have attempted to respond through Ms. Barber the prior Imagine Adoption employee doing contract work for BDO as Trustee.

The overall status is that the files of no child matches are generally in the same position as at July 14 when the bankruptcy occurred. This would have been as last communicated to families by a case worker of Imagine Adoption. The continuation of the process will occur after an approved restructuring plan is in place (see below).

Concluded placements from transition home in Ethiopia
The paperwork, placements and travel home for children continues to proceed for children who were in the transition home at July 14th. The transition home costs continue to be funded with the Yamana Gold gift.

The following is the current status of the placements for these children since July 14th.

Travelled Home = 16
Ready to Travel Home by Sept 1 = 18
Waiting Visas – travel expected after Sept. 1 = 3
Court date in August = 1
Court date in October = 5
Children for other Orphanages = 3Additional Child located matched for Court process in October = 1
Total = 47

BDO ensures well being of children in transition home
A short-term priority for BDO, as Trustee, continues to be the care of the children in the transition home. During the week of August 10th, there were parent concerns raised about care and certain children.

BDO obtained a written report, dated August 12, 2009, from the doctor in Ethiopia for the children. He confirmed that there is 24 hour nursing on site, twice weekly physical checkups, menu and nutrition monitoring. They are focused on and prioritizing proper care.

He reported on two specific case concerns being low iron and malnutrition. The iron diagnosis was already identified and considered to be “physiologic anemia of infancy”. Iron supplementing at an early age is associated with increased mortality based on their reports, studies and treatment. They encourage ongoing monitoring by the adoptive family as the child develops. The malnutrition situation was evident when the child was transferred to the transition home and was being addressed.

We will continue to monitor this as concerns are identified as the childrens’ care is a priority.

Post Adoption Reports
Families should continue to send these reports to the Imagine Adoption mailing address or to the BDO Kitchener office mailing address. The Imagine Adoption mail is being forwarded to BDO. Copies are being made for the file as well as being forwarded to the appropriate country representative.

Saint Anne families should have received other instruction as of August 14th. As confirmed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, these reports should be forwarded to their offices. They will be translated and sent to Ecuador.

Possible Restructuring Plan
This priority was discussed at the creditor meeting. This is the possibility to file a proposal pursuant to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act to allow the organization to be reinstated. A timetable of 2-4 weeks was indicated. This would end at August 28th.

Since July 30th and the creditor direction, there have been numerous discussions and meetings along with shared information to address this priority of a possible reinstatement of Imagine Adoption. The financial needs along with family, creditor and other stakeholder requirements have been the focus of all discussions.

BDO along with the proposed new Board continues to work on this priority. We plan to provide a draft to certain stakeholders, including the Inspectors, within the next two weeks. This will keep us on track with the 2-4 week timetable originally estimated.

Ghana Families
There have been several discussions with one particular representative for the Ghana families as well as the Inspectors (see below). We have continued to discuss Ghana with the licensing Ministry and legal counsel/adoption expert. The Ghana program may be a concern given government statements during 2008/9 of possible child trafficking by the contact orphanage and the Canadian contact.

The restructuring plan involves many issues including assessing countries to continue with adoption relations. There has never been an adoption completed from Ghana by Imagine Adoption. Thus, Ghana may require an independent review of relations and possible future adoption activity given the lack of answers to the issues surrounding Ghana adoptions. This is being considered for the restructuring proposal.

There was a second meeting of the Inspectors during the week of August 10th. They have provided comments and direction to the Trustee in considering communication, the proposal restructuring, family considerations and other matters of this bankruptcy. We expect to post some details of these meetings to this web site shortly so that all creditors are up to date on those meetings.

Thank you for your continued patience. BDO was providing very frequent updates until July 31st. The past two weeks has seen few updates given the other ongoing work. We will update the website regularly as information becomes available and provide some comment by Monday August 24th.


BDO Dunwoody Limited
Trustee in Bankruptcy


After discussions with BDO, it has been determined that all Post Placement Reports should be completed as per the required time frame that was originally set out by Imagine Adoption. Once the reports are completed by your practitioner, they have instructed us to inform the families to forward the reports to the old address of Imagine Adoption which is as follows:

780 King Street East, Cambridge, Ontario, N3H 3N9

All mail received at the above noted address has been forwarded to BDO and all reports will land on the desk of Jo Ann Barber. Jo Ann has committed and insured us that once the reports are received, they will be copied and placed in to the family’s file and the original will be forwarded to Martha for the Ethiopian office.

It is noted that although you have paid funds to Imagine Adoption for Post Placement reports, it is likely that you will have to pay your practitioner directly for the preparation.

What is very important to acknowledge is that the Post Placement Reports are a very important part of the adoption process and not completing these follow up reports can hamper the relations with Ethiopia and could have a negative effect for all future adoptions

Lianne Armstrong
Chair, FIA Trustee Liaison Committee

Friday, August 14, 2009

Update on today's Inspectors' meeting - Message from FIA Committee

Today there was an Inspectors' meeting held with BDO. The Inspectors were
advised by BDO that the proposal is progressing and the restructuring group
still anticipate having a proposal prepared within the four week timeframe.

BDO will post a general update on their website tomorrow by 5pm, and minutes of
both Inspectors' meetings (July 30 and today's) will be posted on BDO's website
early next week.

The next Inspectors' meeting is scheduled for August 24, 2009.


Lianne Armstrong
Chair, FIA Trustee Liaison Committee

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Message from FIA Committee

I’ve had confirmation that Jo Ann’s file information for Ethiopian families awaiting referrals has been cross-referenced with information from lawyer, Ted Giesbrecht, collected in Ethiopia.

That said, before you call Jo Ann (BDO) it’s important to know that she will NOT be able to indicate where your file is vis-à-vis others. There exists no such “list” - this was a concept developed by waiting families trying to guess how much longer their wait for a referral might be.

Referrals are made based on the age, gender, number of children requested, and the date the dossier arrived in Ethiopia.

I appreciate that families may wish to suggest that list categories should be developed, but given the many other pressing issues involved in trying to take the agency out of bankruptcy, investing the time to do so is not feasible - it would extend restructuring timelines, which would increase trustee costs, and ultimately extend the time we have to wait for our referrals.

It’s also important to keep in mind that - though it’s certainly your right and choice to call the trustee - each call can slow the restructuring efforts and increase costs (as the saying goes, “time is money”). The FIA committee would be happy to collect your questions - many are similar - then get answers by making ONE call to the trustee and then sharing the answers with you.

Again, the timeline BDO provided on when we should hear information regarding restructuring plans was two to four weeks, and this Thursday marks two weeks. As hard as the wait is, we’re still on schedule, and should get information about the restructuring plans within the next two and a half weeks.

With thanks,

Christine Starr
Chair, FIA Steering Committee

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ministry Update

The Government of Ontario, Ministry of Children and Youth Services has
updated information on their website.

Below is the link to the website followed by the text that has been
"copy and pasted from the website.

Information from Government of Ontario website- Ministry of Children
and Youth Services-

Update on Imagine/KidsLink International Bankruptcy- August 6, 2009

Questions & Answers

1. What is the government doing to help families affected by the
bankruptcy of Imagine Adoption/Kids Link?

The Canadian High Commission and Ethiopian child protection
authorities are working to ensure the safety of kids in transition
homes. The ministry is working with federal Minister of Citizenship,
Immigration and Multiculturalism, Jason Kenney, who is assisting with
expediting visas for kids whose adoptions are completed.

The Ministry continues to work closely with BDO Dunwoody, the
bankruptcy trustee, to look into all possible options to assist
adoptive families who have been matched with children and those at
other stages of the process, including whether there are other
agencies that can help. The trustee is working to assist families in
all provinces that have been affected by the bankruptcy.

2. Can the ministry confirm that families’ confidential documents are
secure? How can families access their files?

All of the agency’s documents are with the bankruptcy trustee and the
ministry is working with the trustee to ensure confidentiality. All of
the agency’s documents are with the bankruptcy trustee and the
ministry is working with the trustee to ensure confidentiality. For
families who simply want their files, please provide instructions in
writing to the trustee as to who should get your file (yourself or
agency). The trustee will address these requests and forward files.

3. Are the children currently in transition homes being well-cared

The ministry’s priority right now is to make sure that the children in
the transition homes in Ethiopia are safe and that those who have
completed adoptions can make it safely to Canada.
The Canadian High Commission and Ethiopian child protection
authorities are working to ensure their safety. A lawyer with years of
experience in adoptions spent one week in Ethiopia on behalf of the
trustee and found that the children in the transition home are safe
and well-cared for. The trustee recently received a significant
financial donation that will go toward the ongoing operation of the
transition homes and ensure the well-being of the children staying

4. When will the trustee’s plan be ready?

The ministry is working with the trustee to look into all possible
options to assist adoptive families who have been matched with
children and those at other stages of the process. A formal plan is
being prepared. However, an exact release date is not available at
this time.

5. How can families receive up to date information on the status of
the ministry’s and trustee’s work?

The ministry has information on this website for families to get
updates and a help line at 416-326-6510 has been established to
respond to inquiries. Families are also encouraged to continue
checking the BDO Dunwoody website at

6. What is the status of Saint Anne Adoption Centre?

The ministry is working with the trustee to better understand the
relationship between Imagine Adoption/Kids Link and Saint Anne
Adoption Centre, which facilitates adoptions from Ecuador, Brazil,
Columbia and Haiti. The ministry understands that records of these
agencies have been secured, has contacted the adoption authorities in
Ecuador and is working to maintain open lines of communication.

7. What is the status of the Ghana program?

The ministry knows that Imagine Adoption/Kids Link did match two
Ontario families with children in Ghana as prospective adoptive
families. Once the ministry was informed that the orphanage in Ghana -
Hands of Mercy – was, the Letters of No Objection, provided by the
ministry and required for immigration, were withdrawn for both of the
families. The orphanage in Ghana was closed in June 2009.

The ministry is following up with the federal government to get an
update on the status of the orphanage.

8. How could Imagine Adoption/Kids Link have gone bankrupt when the
ministry renewed its licence last October? Are the government’s
licensing requirements not strict enough?

The ministry has some of the most comprehensive international adoption
licensing requirements in Canada to ensure the safety of children.
This agency was in compliance with the Intercountry Adoption Act,
which ensures that an agency has the capacity to complete adoptions in
a safe and appropriate manner.

As private corporations, international adoption agencies have Boards
of Directors who are responsible for ensuring appropriate financial
management and controls are in place in accordance with the
Corporations Act. The ministry took action as soon as it became aware
of Imagine Adoption/Kids Link’s financial situation.

9. Does Imagine Adoption/Kids Link receive funding from the Ministry
of Children and Youth Services?

No, the ministry does not provide any funding to the agency.
International adoption agencies, including Imagine Adoption/Kids Link,
operate on a fee for service basis.

10. What about the status of my home study?

You can call the Ministry’s help line at 416-326-6510 to inquire about
the status of your home study. Your home study is portable, so if you
choose to go to a different agency to continue the adoption process,
you will not have to start at the beginning of the home study process.

Message from the Steering Committee

Hello Families of Imagine Adoption (FIA),

We wanted to touch base and acknowledge how difficult it’s been not to have received news of further developments since the creditors meeting on July 30. This silence however, is not indicative of a lack of progress.

Indeed, since our unanimous vote to move in the direction of reactivating the agency's operations, the FIA committee has been working to arrange a meeting with Federal Government officials to ensure key relationships with the countries in which IA operated - in particular with the appropriate adoption authorities - are being maintained.

The committee is also exploring possible strategies to raise funds that might be needed if and when a restructuring proposal is accepted.

We’ve also been in contact with international adoption lawyer, Ted Giesbrecht - sent by BDO to ensure the children's safety and assess IA's operations in Ethiopia - to discuss the necessary key components of any viable restructuring proposal, and the status of IA's relationships/contracts with various orphanages. The goal is to collect as much info as possible so that we can share it with you and so we all can make an informed decision regarding a proposed restructuring plan.

Our relationship with the Ontario Ministry of Child and Youth Services is being maintained. They’ve assured us that they’re committed to assisting us with restructuring efforts. However, the timeframe for when the proposal that has been submitted to BDO will be shared at the discretion of the trustee. On July 31, BDO posted a statement entitled Creditor Meeting and Future Activity which speaks to the timelines we should expect:

In this statement they indicated that "the next milestone is in 2 to 4 weeks with a report regarding a future governance structure, impact on creditor claims, family/adoption file management, business and financial requirements as well as Bankruptcy Court Process."

The inspector’s first meeting with the trustee is also scheduled for August 13. If you’d like more info on the role of the inspectors please read the following handout at:

Finally, we know you have questions/concerns about the status of your files. Jo Anne Barber (former IA employee and appointed inspector), has begun to field these questions. She’s only available weekday mornings and has asked that any requests for this information be sent to her by email at Note: status info won’t include where your file is vis-à-vis or other files waiting for referrals.

Although we can’t guarantee ultimate outcomes, all efforts possible are being made to move us towards the implementation if a viable restructuring plan for all the FIA, including continuous improvement of our internal communications vehicles so you’re always updated of new developments.

Warm regards,

Christine Starr
Chair, FIA Steering Committee

Minutes of Creditor's Meeting

The minutes of the creditor's meeting are now available at the following link: