Saturday, July 25, 2009

FIA - AB committee

To all Imagine Families from Alberta,

The IAFA hosted a meeting in Calgary today for all Imagine adoption families. As a result of that meeting, the families put together a committee for AB families to help facilitate communication to the Alberta provincial government as well as the FIA steering committee.

We are behind the efforts of the steering committee and plan to work at keeping our communication flowing as efficiently as possible for everyone.

If you live in Alberta and are a client of Imagine adoption, please forward any questions or concerns through the corresponding provincial contacts:

*FIA communication* - Tammy Campbell ( keep updated on steering committee releases and ensure they make it to the blog, as well as communicate provincial concerns to the steering committee.

*Government Communication *- Anita Schimke ( - Anita will be the AB point person for any questions to Anne Scully, Manager, Adoption and Permanency Services here in AB, and liase with Ellen Kallis, government relations on the steering committee

*Trustee Liason *- Heather and Dan Aldrich ( will facilitate BDO/Trustee communication between AB families and Lianne Armstrong.

*AB Communication* - Shawn Bertine ( will (soon) have our AB email distribution list for AB families of Imagine. If you were not at the meeting today and are an Imagine family in AB, please forward your name, phone number and email address to Shawn. A list will also be compiled at the meeting next Saturday in Edmonton (location TBA). Thank you Tammy Vlieg for compiling today's list!

We hope this will contribute to the flow of information between our AB families, the AB government, and the FIA steering committee.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the committee members.


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