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Proof of Claims Form


Proof of Claims Form

After discussions with Susan Taves of BDO, the FIA Steering Committee provides
you will the following guidance while completing the Claim Form that you all
have received.

Completion Of Form:

• The amount claimed on Proof of Claim should include only money paid to Kids
Link/Imagine Adoption.
• Money paid for your PRIDE training, or to your social worker for the
preparation of Homestudy, for example, should not be included
• It is important to note on the Proof of Claim whether funds claimed are being
held in trust or not
• If claiming trust monies, you may wish to state that that "trust funds are
being claimed on Proof of Claim because of lack of information as to status of
trust funds and claim is without prejudice to position that these trust funds
are NOT property of the Bankrupt Corporation and remain funds belonging to me"
• Attach receipts to the Proof of Claim. If you do not receipts, attach proof
of payments, e.g. copies of cheques
• Note on the Proof of Claim whether the funds paid were Canadian dollars or
U.S. dollars
• Make sure that you have signed the Proof of Claim
• When completing the form as families, it is required that both family members
sign the form
• Make sure that your signature is witnessed by someone on the Proof of Claim
• The witness does not need to be from a formal individual such as a Notary
Public, Lawyer, etc. but does need to be a third party
• It is imperative that you advise BDO of stage of your file; e.g. Pre-Homestudy
Approval, Preparation of Dossier, File in Ethiopia/Ghana/Ecuador and Waiting
for Referral of Child since _______; Referral of Child on __________ and Waiting
for Court Date etc.
• With respect to request by BDO for estimate of monies still required for
further services, we have sought clarification from BDO on this issue. It is
our understanding that BDO is looking for an estimate of the funds required to
complete your file. If you do not know this amount, you should advise that do
not have this information and reference the status of your file. An example
would be as follows:
o Status of File - File in Ethiopia waiting for referral since February 12,
o Estimate of Funds Required to Complete File - Unable to estimate amount.
Services still required related to referral of child and post referral services

As a creditor, you are entitled to have your voice heard at the meeting by
appointing a proxy on the General Proxy Form. The following members of the
Steering Committee will be in attendance at the Creditors' meeting and you may
appoint them on the Proxy:

Robert Eagleson – London, Ontario
Christine Starr – Toronto, Ontario

Please make sure that your signature is witnessed on the General Proxy Form and
submit the Proxy to BDO prior to the Creditors' meeting. If you have chosen to
appoint Robert Eagleson or Christine Starr as your proxy, please advise us at
robeagleson @ live dot com or cstarr @ rogers dot com .


Important Dates:

As a reminder, please make sure that the Proof of Claim/Proxy are received by
BDO's office prior to July 30, 2009. This can be completed by mail or fax.

General Information

The Proof of Claim/General Proxy can be found at\

Details pertaining to the Creditors' meeting can be found at

I trust that this is assistance to you.


FIA Steering Committee

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