Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let’s join forces and create ONE Action Plan

Last evening, members of the FIA Steering Committee met on a conference call and discussed at great length the issue of a recovery plan for Imagine Adoption and the FIA’s involvement in this process. This issue is key for us. We are committed to finding a solution for all families and are dedicating the vast majority of our efforts to this end.
During our conversations last night, it was noted that there is at least one other group out there that is also currently involved in preparing an Action Plan for the recovery of Imagine Adoption.
With the above points in consideration, I am asking that anyone who is possibly involved in the creation of an Action Plan please contact me, as we are willing to be active participants to any Action Plan that is to the benefit of all families and friends touched in this process.


Christine Starr
Chair, FIA Steering Committee
416 899 1769

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