Friday, August 28, 2009


I just would like to add my thanks too - to all of the people who have come together who are working so hard to see that our adoptions can be processed. To everyone who has emailed us and offered their assistance in our cause - perfect strangers who read about our stories in the media, and whose hearts were pulled to extend their support whether it be in words or action. To the Steering Committee for working day and night on the front lines to be our voice. The the government and the trustee for giving us a chance to come up with a solution. To Yamana Gold for funding the transition home and seeing that our children are cared for. To everyone who has reached out and stood up.

I am just so thankful and so full of hope that this week we will see a plan that will offer us a solution to bring these children home. My heart is aching for these kids. They are waiting for their families.

My dream is that one day we will all look back and be able to tell them how we fought for them. How we overcame the heartache, devastation, and loss upon the announcement of the bankruptcy. We rose above the controversy and pain. We briefly got knocked down, but quickly stood up, dusted ourselves off, assembled and kept working toward a solution. We are doing it for the sake of our families. For the sake of our children who we do not know. So they will know the comfort of a mommy who can make it all better and a daddy who can shield them from pain. We are already parents to our children; we were the moment we signed our documents. We have been living and dreaming them into our lives. We have empty rooms and empty clothes, brand new toys and books and beds. We know the need. We know they need us. We know what life has in store for them if we fail. Which is why we continue to stretch our aching hearts across the world in our intrinsic need to protect them.

I am proud to be supporting this group. Moved. Thank you everyone who is working on our behalf.

Tammy Campbell and Scott Campbell
Hoping to adopt siblings under 5 years old

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