Tuesday, August 18, 2009


After discussions with BDO, it has been determined that all Post Placement Reports should be completed as per the required time frame that was originally set out by Imagine Adoption. Once the reports are completed by your practitioner, they have instructed us to inform the families to forward the reports to the old address of Imagine Adoption which is as follows:

780 King Street East, Cambridge, Ontario, N3H 3N9

All mail received at the above noted address has been forwarded to BDO and all reports will land on the desk of Jo Ann Barber. Jo Ann has committed and insured us that once the reports are received, they will be copied and placed in to the family’s file and the original will be forwarded to Martha for the Ethiopian office.

It is noted that although you have paid funds to Imagine Adoption for Post Placement reports, it is likely that you will have to pay your practitioner directly for the preparation.

What is very important to acknowledge is that the Post Placement Reports are a very important part of the adoption process and not completing these follow up reports can hamper the relations with Ethiopia and could have a negative effect for all future adoptions

Lianne Armstrong
Chair, FIA Trustee Liaison Committee

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