Friday, August 28, 2009

Thank You Rob Eagleson!

From the seven families of Prince Edward Island we want to give our sincerest thank you to Rob Eagleson, Co-chair of the FIA Steering Committee, for taking the time to meet with the Imagine families of PEI and an equally big thank you to his family for allowing him to take an entire evening from his vacation to meet with our families.

With great assurance and clarity, Rob was able to answer many of our questions as Rob not only quelled many of our fears but also gave us hope! For the first time we were given clear indication of the status of the transition homes and a true understanding of the immensely qualified representation that stands in the steering committee. He made it very clear that the number one objective of everyone involved was to breathe new life into Imagine Adoption and make the organization stronger than ever before.

Rob graciously extended a warm invitation to a reunion in Ontario once all our families have been united and we certainly look forward to that day. We hope that one day soon, that all families that have been touched by this crisis can look back and view it as wonderful event that united our families across Canada.


Kelly Keenan

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