Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thank You - Anne Scully and Faith Watson

I would like to extend a big thank you to Anne Scully (Senior Manager, Adoption and Permanency Services in Alberta) and Faith Watson (Provincial Adoption Specialist, International Adoption Program, Adoption & Permanency Services in Alberta) for the great support they've shown through this process.

Shortly after word of the bankruptcy got out, they got in touch with prospective adoptive parents via email, updating us on whatever information they had. Although I'm sure they were swamped with questions and meetings at the time, I was impressed to get a reply within a day of sending them an email with my questions.

When the International Adoption Families Association (IAFA) hosted meetings in Calgary and Edmonton, Anne made the trip to Calgary on a Saturday morning, and both Anne and Faith attended the meeting in Edmonton during the August long weekend! They were both very compassionate - you could tell that they weren't just dealing with files in limbo, but with people whose hearts and dreams were on the line. They answered many questions and helped clarify the process for us. They indicated that they had been in touch with Ministers in Ontario and were offering their full co-operation.

Thank you, Ms. Scully and Ms. Watson for the support you've demonstrated and for advocating on our behalf. You have shown compassion, sacrifice and skill and we appreciate your ongoing efforts.

Anita Schimke
hoping to adopt siblings under 5 years old

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