Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Message from FIA Committee

I’ve had confirmation that Jo Ann’s file information for Ethiopian families awaiting referrals has been cross-referenced with information from lawyer, Ted Giesbrecht, collected in Ethiopia.

That said, before you call Jo Ann (BDO) it’s important to know that she will NOT be able to indicate where your file is vis-à-vis others. There exists no such “list” - this was a concept developed by waiting families trying to guess how much longer their wait for a referral might be.

Referrals are made based on the age, gender, number of children requested, and the date the dossier arrived in Ethiopia.

I appreciate that families may wish to suggest that list categories should be developed, but given the many other pressing issues involved in trying to take the agency out of bankruptcy, investing the time to do so is not feasible - it would extend restructuring timelines, which would increase trustee costs, and ultimately extend the time we have to wait for our referrals.

It’s also important to keep in mind that - though it’s certainly your right and choice to call the trustee - each call can slow the restructuring efforts and increase costs (as the saying goes, “time is money”). The FIA committee would be happy to collect your questions - many are similar - then get answers by making ONE call to the trustee and then sharing the answers with you.

Again, the timeline BDO provided on when we should hear information regarding restructuring plans was two to four weeks, and this Thursday marks two weeks. As hard as the wait is, we’re still on schedule, and should get information about the restructuring plans within the next two and a half weeks.

With thanks,

Christine Starr
Chair, FIA Steering Committee

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