Wednesday, August 19, 2009


After the last message sent out by the FIA Steering Committee, additional questions and comments were posted. As a result, we have taken those comments and concerns to BDO for clarification and have the answers to many of them.

Practitioner Completed Reports (First Three)
BDO has reviewed the requirements and have stated that as per the original guidelines set out by Imagine Adoption, these reports must be completed by the families’ practitioner. This is the requirement that is set by the foreign country so it is outside of the control of the adoption agency.

Family Completed Reports (Reminder until age 18 for the child)
Families’ reports have varied in content as each family has their own style of reporting the required information, but in general, they have all been acceptable. The recommendation from BDO is that if a family is looking for a format to use, simply follow the structure of the reports that have been previously submitted by your practitioner.

Timelines for Reporting
BDO has responded to our questions by providing the direct information that was referenced in the material received by the families from Imagine Adoption when they were doing their adoption.

We, the adoptive applicants jointly and individually fully understand, and acknowledge that we are responsible to provide the Ministry of Women's Affairs with follow up reports as follows:
• 2 months from date of return home
• 12 months following court decision
• 15 months following court decision
• Annually on date of court decision until the child turns 18 years old

We hope that this brings clarity to this issue and we thank everyone for their comments.


Rob Eagleson
Co-Chair, FIA Steering Committee

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