Saturday, September 5, 2009

Updates for you as you wait - Message from FIA

Hello Families of IA,

We wanted to let you know that BDO is currently waiting for final sign off and
they're very anxious to release the restructuring plan proposal to all the
creditors before the long weekend.

We have been advised that the plan is very detailed. Along with your mailed
copy of the plan, you can expect a summary which will include financial
information, timelines and operating structure, and oversight measures.

Any questions or concerns you have regarding the *proposal* can be addressed at
the next creditor's meeting with BDO (the date is currently TBD). Until then,
you may also email these questions to any one of the FIA Committee members
listed in the contact section of the Families with Hope website:

Although we can't guarantee we'll have all the answers, in consultation with the
inspectors, we will try to provide clarity on the content of the proposal where
we can.

Questions regarding the *details of the new restructured agency*, will be
addressed by the proposed new board of directors if/when the agency resumes
operations. Please remember that because BDO is solely an accounting firm, they
are not qualified to answer questions regarding the operations of an adoption

The members of the FIA are pleased that we've reached our goal to have BDO work
with key stakeholders to create a restructuring plan proposal. Although this
situation is very unique to BDO and outside of their mandate, with the help of
the restructuring group, they managed to compile a plan within record time.

Once the plan is presented to you, it becomes your time to review the details
and to make a personal decision on how you will vote. Sue Taves of BDO has
advised that she will expedite the process for the families once she sees that
the *majority* has voted in favour of the proposed plan, instead of waiting for
100% of the votes. We're very happy with her offer to do this because it means
we can move on to the next step quickly.

After everything we've been through, we know this is an enormous leap of faith
for all of us. But we still hope that we can all be in the position of voting
in favour of the plan so we can get another step closer to bringing our children


Cilla Travassos
Chair, FIA Internal Communications

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