Saturday, September 12, 2009

- A Message from FIA Committee


This posting regarding the filed proposal for Imagine Adoption is from the Chairs of the FIA Steering Committee.

The posting was reviewed by a representative of the proposed new Board of Directors for Imagine Adoption and in consultation with BDO Dunwoody Limited as the Trustee in the Bankruptcy.

Since the posting of the proposal on September 4th and the financial projections on September 8th, there have been questions for clarification. While some questions have been asked directly to BDO, others have been asked in open forums or directly to members of the Steering Committee.

We recognize how important it is to have the most accurate knowledge about the proposal in order to make the best decision for each family. In order to ensure that families can feel confident that they are receiving accurate information the Chairs of the Steering Committee have decided that all communications in regards to answering questions from the FIA will cease.

Therefore, please refer to the BDO web site where FAQ and other information is being provided. Also, you can submit questions to the email address of

As this is the same email as being used for Voting, please insure to place the word “Question” in the subject line. These will be forwarded to the responsible parties to provide responses on the BDO site. Alternatively, you may contact BDO directly with your questions.

Good luck as you consider the next steps for Imagine Adoption and the process of international adoptions. The creditor meeting on September 21st will conclude the status of the proposal.

Thank you.

Rob Eagleson, Co-Chair, FIA Steering Committee

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