Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Message from FIA - The Decision is Yours

As we reflect over the past few days since the proposal was released,
it is very clear that we all have some very important and personal
decisions to make. On our FIA Steering Committee call this evening,
we heard the excitement, faith, worries and questions that our
regional representatives have heard from families across the country.

Emotions are high right now, which we believe indicates the passion
and commitment we all have to completing our families. It is
important that every family feels comfortable with whatever decision
they chose to make and have the information they need to make this

We all have many questions, and we encourage you to continue sending
your questions to FIA so that we can answer where we can, or forward
your questions to BDO if we do not have the answers.

This is not a decision that should be rushed, and we believe that you
should only vote once you feel comfortable doing so. But we also ask
that once you do feel confident in your decision based on the
information you have, to please vote at that time rather than waiting
until the creditors meeting on September 21. If the majority of
families do want to see this agency restructured, it is in our best
interest to have that happen as soon as possible.

We've all fought so hard to get this far, and we have faith we will
make it to the next step, which we hope will be a restructured agency
that can bring our children home.

Best Regards,

The FIA Steering Committee

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